Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Aloha, Wednesday friends! It's hard to believe Christmas is just a few short days away. This has been a really great holiday season for me -- check back soon to see some of the fun Hawaiian-style Christmas activities we've done this year. My outfits this week are so-so... I really loved my Wednesday outfit, but by the time I got to Monday and Tuesday I apparently wasn't feeling the whole fashion thing! As always, I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday.

I wore this out to dinner with friends. I'm super matchy-matchy and I don't think I've ever in my life mixed brown and gray. But I loved this outfit and it was even pretty comfortable -- until I gorged myself on Thai food and the belt started cutting off my circulation... Anyway, this is a WIWW victory for me! I've been inspired by all the boots and belts I see on other WIWWer's posts and I think I managed to pull this look off!

I really like this outfit -- I think I'm going to look for more neutral tops like this with which I can wear a variety of accessories. I have mixed feelings on the jeans I'm wearing -- I got these on clearance for a really amazing price but... they're petites. As you can probably tell, at 5'9" with "child-bearing hips," I'm anything but petite. But since 7s usually come long and are meant to be hemmed, these fit me pretty well length-wise. The problem is that I constantly have to pull them up and it's really aggravating when I'm, say, grocery shopping and I have to yank my pants up in the back every 60 seconds. I love the dark wash and the style, but I honestly wish I hadn't bought them. Even though they were on clearance, they were still over $50 so I feel like I have to wear them now and again.

On Saturday we went to gorgeous White Plains Beach so Jarrod could try out his brand-spankin'-new surfboard. It was rainy over Honolulu and sunny on the west side of Oahu where we were, and the result was rainbow after gorgeous rainbow.

I'm not crazy about this outfit. I love yellow as a deocrating color but I've never felt yellow looked good on me fashion-wise. I bought this shirt over a year ago and have only worn it once, so I figured I'd give it another shot. Despite the addition of my favorite necklace, I still don't think this outfit does anything for me.

I wore this outfit under my apron as I baked four different types of Christmas goodies to give to my neighbors. Then I went to deliver said cookies without looking in the mirror. I didn't realize until I got back and took my first couple WIWW pictures that my hair was a bird's nest, the bow on my shirt was completely untied and I pretty much looked like a wreck. Sorry, neighbors. If I were honest, I'd show you that picture instead!

pleated poppy


  1. How did you do your pictures? I love them!

  2. By the way, did I mention I love your haircut? Because I do.

  3. Great outfits this week. Very festive outfits. I think your haircut is cute too.

  4. I love this week's outfits!! the first one and the grey top... so cute!


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