Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Aloha and happy Wednesday! It's been quite a week for me. Jarrod got home from three weeks of pre-deployment training on Saturday. I'm so happy to have him home and I love that my life feels somewhat back to normal even for just a short while. I better not get too used to it, though, because he leaves for more training soon and then he'll be heading off for his deployment at the beginning of March. (So you can look forward to lots of posts where I whine about missing my husband! And, whenever it arrives, you'll also get to see the beautiful necklace made of our fingerprints I ordered from Etsy.)

This week I started a new job after taking the past seven months off -- so things aren't quite back to normal, since we have to work around my new schedule. I'm working at the library on base, which is really the perfect job for me seeing as I love reading so much I have a whole blog about books! I was hoping I'd get to wear whatever I want to work, but the dress code is a uniform polo shirt and any pants except jeans. Sadly for me, all I owned until a few days ago was jeans. (If you've ever seen my WIWW posts before, I'm sure you know I LIVE in jeans and flip-flops!) Ugh -- khakis, I hate you! As always, I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy to keep me accountable for what I leave the house wearing. It works!

01-31-12 WIWW and Waikiki
Remember a month or two ago when showed you my dilapidated old brown purse and told you I'd had my eye on a new brown purse at Target forever, waiting for it to go on sale or clearance? Well, for once my waiting did not pay off -- my beautiful bag never went on sale or clearance and then one day it just wasn't there anymore! I've had this poor purse since college and it's literally falling apart now, so I guess my next shopping quest will be for a new brown purse!

01-31-12 WIWW and Waikiki1

01-31-12 WIWW and Waikiki2

01-31-12 WIWW and Waikiki3

pleated poppy


  1. You are looking darling, Lindsay! I just love your target dress. And I love the pretty layouts you are doing with your outfits.

    Yay for Jarrod being home and the new job. Sorry about the khakis... I hate them, too. :P

  2. I love, love your Friday top. It's sooo cute! Your outfits are so simple, but so cute. Great pics!

  3. I really. Like your top on Thursday. Such pretty colors. It looks Locke you have a couple of new necklaces too. Very nice.


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