Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Aloha, Wednesday friends! I'm sad to say this was a rather underwhelming wardrobe week for me -- basically just glorifed t-shirts and jeans. For the past 10 days the weather here has been very strange -- rainy and gloomy and rather crazy. Mother Nature bestowed us with buckets and buckets of rain and several rather severe (i.e. frightening for us unaccustomed folks) thunderstorms, which are incredibly rare in Hawaii. Parts of the island got tennis ball-sized hail (hail is unheard of here!) and the strangest occurence was a water spout coming on shore and forming a tornado. Yes, a tornado. In Hawaii! FINALLY the weather seems to be clearing up. I gripe and whine about missing seasons and snow and sweater weather, but there's nothing like several straight days of dreariness to make me appreciate waking up to sunshine and 80-degree weather everyday!

Anyway, the upshot of all that is that I spent a lot of time inside knitting, watching movies and reading. And it goes without saying that the ideal attire for such rainy-day activities is PJs! So, without further ado, the thing I wore when I actually bothered to don real clothes:

08-30-11 Blue Booties4

03-10-12 Jarrod B-day

03-13-12 Cake in Jars
*You may notice that I've been wearing those black sandals a lot lately. Too much, I guess, because the left sandal fell apart today, conveniently while I was in the middle of running errands. Time for some Gorilla Glue!

pleated poppy


  1. The color of Sat. shirt looks wonderful on you! Jewel tones suit you! (they are my faves on me too.) I also tend to wear things (out) hey if it fits! and you like it! We have had some crazy weather here to. Minnesota is known for there winters, tons of snow, bitter cold, heck we DREAM about Hawaii just to make it through! But this year we had very little snow, temps never got below zero and this week Middle of March we are having 70's! (which is nuts, because usually we get some kind of snow dumping!) Mother nature is surely going through something! I can't imagine tornados in Hawaii. Or heavy rain for that matter.
    Happy Wednesday!

  2. LOVE your necklace in the first photo and the top in the 2nd. That color looks great on you. Great bracelet there too.
    I heard on the news about all the rain in Hawaii! Mother Nature is having a mid life crisis early in the year. LOL

  3. Love your leaf necklace. I can see where dreary days would keep you in PJ's. Can't imagine hail in Hawaii. Glad the sun is back out.


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