Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Aloha, Wednesday friends! I have an extra-long WIWW post to share because of my week-long vacation to Colorado the last week of May for my brother's high school graduation. I also have a bit of a rant, and a question. The other night I ordered a margarita at a restaurant and the waitress stared at me, giggled, and said, "Let me see that ID! You look like you're 12!" I was rather aghast, but if I'd had my wits about me I'd have said, "Well, girlie, your tip just went down a few dollars!" This is not the first time I've been told I look younger than I am (although I've also been mistaken for an older friend's mother!) but for some reason I can't let go of this incident. Maybe it's because I'm pretty sure the waitress was younger than me?!

I told my husband about the incident during our most recent Skype chat (he's deployed to Afghanistan right now) and he repeated, for the zillionth time (yes, we've had this talk before), that he thinks I look younger when I wear my hair curly. Well, we're in luck! I just came back from Colorado where the low humidity is a curly-hair-straightener's dream, and you can compare curly-hair Lindsay with straight-hair Lindsay! So tell me, how old you you think I look? Like a teenager, the mother of a teenager, or -- perhaps? -- in my mid-20s? In case you're curious, I'm actually 26. And the outfit I was wearing when I ordered that fateful margarita is the very last one on this post.

As always, I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy to share my outfits (and my rant). Happy Wednesday!

I've had a heck of a time finding regular ol' flip-flops this year, despite the fact that I live in Hawaii and flip-flops are daily attire for everyone. So my mom went to Kohl's and found a whole pile of flip-flops for me to choose from when I was home for my visit! Thanks, Mom!

Read more about my bunny here.

My brother's high school graduation. Congrats, Andy!

Tank top: Kohl's
Jeans: 7 For All Mankind
Coin pearl earrings: craft fair
Shell necklace: Boutiki gift shop
Flip-flops: Kohl's

Tank top: JC Penney
Jeans: 7 For All Mankind
Rosette pin: knitted by me
Flip-flops: Kohl's
Purse: Target

I wore this to see "The Avengers," which I thought was pretty darn good. I know he only had a little part in the movie, but I think Jeremy Renner is my new favorite actor. I loved him in "The Hurt Locker," "The Town," and "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol," and I'm looking forward to the new "Bourne" movie!


That's Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak behind me. This is why I still miss Colorado even though I live in "paradise"!
Gray top: Target
Jeans: 7 For All Mankind
Necklace: Waikiki International Marketplace
Sandals: Kohl's
Purse: Target

This is the outfit I had on when I was told I looked like a 12-year-old. I wore this to see "Snow White and the Hunstman" (loved it!) and out to eat afterwards. Maybe this shirt makes me look like a preteen, but I adore it! It's made out of super-soft, stretchy cotton. It was one of my Colorado purchases -- and on clearance!

pleated poppy


  1. Cute! I don't think you look 12. I used to get that a lot too. Now, 36, I had someone tell me I looked 28 this weekend and I was ecstatic. It will work in your favor later. :)

    My favorite look is the Wednesday one at Garden of the Gods.

  2. Well the waitress was just plain rude. She can card you if she wants to but she doesn't have to be stupid about it. Plus, I get that all the time too. It's better when I'm out with my husband, they see the wedding rings and assume we're of age but if I'm out with friends forget it. When I tell new people at work that I graduated from college over four years ago their jaws drop. But, hey, when I'm 40 it'll be great.

    By the way, I totally love that dress you wore to your brother's graduation. I can never shop at Kohl's. I don't know what my problem is but it's like I get too overwhelmed or something.

  3. I agree it is one thing to check for ID, which would be a compliment in my world, but another thing to make the 12 year old comment. A few years back I was in a bar with friends and had a young man and his friend come up to tell me I looked like his mom, NO I am not a mother of a bar age child thank you very much!! I like your hair curly. LOVE all the new flip flops, so cute.

  4. I love getting asked for my ID! If I was to guess your age, I would probably put you in your early 20's {definitely not 12!}. And I love the shirt you wore during the ID incident; the color is great on you.

  5. I don't think that is rude, I think that is a HUGE compliment! People pay money to try to look younger, you have it naturally! Be happy! (I am 41, so, if someone carded me I would kiss them on the mouth, so I guess it is all a matter of perspective lol!)

  6. Really cute! I especially love the coral and turquoise in the first look. I am following you!

  7. I've always looked young for my age so I feel your pain. But you look far beyond 12! I think the waitress was trying to pay a compliment but went overboard. You do look older with straightened hair, but even curly you look like an adult (probably early 20s).

    Meanwhile... I love the dress you wore to the graduation!

  8. There's no way you look twelve. Put it in your past and move forward...Maybe the waitress had missed her eye exam, last year! haha

  9. Love all your outfits. I really like your dress, looks fantastic!


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