Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Aloha, Wednesday friends! It's been a bit of a rough week for me on a few different fronts, the most superficial of which was getting myself dressed. I only have two WIWW pictures to share with you because I'm apparently going through a fashion rut! Both Monday and Tuesday I intended to wear cute WIWW-worthy outfits and tried on over a dozen things, none of them quite right, and ended up leaving the house in (gasp) jeans and t-shirts. Lately nothing in my closet is appealing to me, and trust me -- it was not fun to hang all those clothes back up! (This is what they call a "first world problem." Ah, vanity.) On top of that, I'm overdue for a haircut and my curls are at that frizzy, unmanageable point. (Sadly -- oh so sadly -- my wonderful hairstylist moved away in the spring and I have yet to find a new one.)

On a more positive note, I jumped on the colored-pants bandwagon and bought a pair of teal crops last week. It was a total impulse buy and I'm almost sorta regretting it a little bit. I thought I'd be like all the other WIWWers and pair my colored pants with a chambray shirt... which is turning out to be impossible to find -- at a reasonable price, that is. Anyway, I have some other ideas on how to style them and it's my goal to wear them once a week all summer.

As always, I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy to share my (two measly) outfits and get fashion inspiration (of which I'm in short supply right now!) from all the other WIWWers. Happy Wednesday!


(This is kind of a strange pose, but it showed the outfit the best out of all the pictures.)

pleated poppy


  1. Pretty outfit! Love your bright blue jeans. My curls are overdue for a cut too. They get so crazy wild sometimes. My husband "lovingly" calls me Medusa. ;-)


    1. My husband also "lovingly" calls me Medusa. But sometimes I can see where he's coming from... like right now!

  2. i love your colors pants!! and I love how you posted your pics too!

  3. Your thursday tank top is absolutely lovely! And I'm sorry about your stylist moving - that is the pits! You

  4. I typed "You still look great" but evidentially my keyboard and the computer were not on the same wavelength LOL

  5. The colored pants look great! I feel your pain, though, with the lack of WIWW motivation. I only had two pics this week, too. Here's to hoping next week is more fruitful!

  6. Love the casual, but cute looks! =)

  7. Love the colored jeans. Cute outfits, and here's hoping that next week you'll have more to share.


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