Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Aloha and Happy Wednesday! I'm afraid my outfits are a bit uninspired this week. Lately I've been slip-sliding back in that all-too-familiar trap of "saving" my more fashionable outfits and nice (new!) clothes for some mythical "special occasions." My husband will be back from Afghanistan in a few weeks (woo hoo!!!) and every time I put something cute together I think, "No, I should wait and wear that when he gets back." I suppose part of my problem comes from not wanting to repeat outfits on WIWW.
And how silly is it that WIWW, which is meant to encourage us to have fun with our clothes and put some effort into getting dressed, actual hinders me at times? Who gives a crap if I post the exact same outfit on WIWW more than once? That's what I get for overthinking things!

As always, I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy. Have a great Wednesday!
I'm in love with my new earrings! I lusted after them for over two months before I finally bought them a couple weeks ago.

Unfortunately, I'm not quite in love with my hair here (or, let's be honest, ever). It's got such a random texture -- I can't put it in a nice smooth ponytail, but it's not wild enough to make a stylish messy pony either. Oh hair, will you and I ever come to terms with each other? (Hair's response: "Doubtful.")
pleated poppy


  1. I love how a scarf can just tie an outfit together so perfectly!



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