Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween + Our Pumpkins

Are you having a spook-tacular Halloween? I am, clad in orange and black with a posse of pumpkins awaiting dusk downstairs. I've carved a pumpkin each year as far back as my memory reaches; it's a tradition in my family. As soon as we started dating, it became mandatory for Jarrod to carve one too, and now every year we craft a pumpkin for Conan as well. This year we got massive pumpkins from the patch and it was quite a lot of work to gut and carve through them, but they look great! And now we have a ridiculous amount of pumpkin seeds to roast -- I've got a batch in the oven right now!
This one is mine. I got the free pineapple pattern here and added the "Hawaii."

Jarrod made a tiki man.

And we carved a Charlie Brown and Snoopy pumpkin for Conan.

He helped! :)

I think we made the right design choice!
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  1. Those are some awesome pumpkins! And you're right, it looks like that was the perfect choice for Conan! Too cute!


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