Friday, March 1, 2013

Hello, March...

Hello, March... where did you come from? I'm not sure where February went, or for that matter September through January! But, March, I'm glad that you're here. Some exciting things are happening this month!

1. We will be closing on our house March 25! Buying a house is quite a process headache migraine but I know we picked the right one and we just can't wait to move in! We're living in lodging on the Air Force base right now -- and have been since the beginning of February. Basically we're living out of the suitcases that we took on the plane with us from Hawaii, and we're ready to have all our stuff back! Not to mention lounging around on our new furniture purchases (king bed!), decorating and enjoying having a home of our own!

2. Conan's last chemotherapy treatment is March 13! Cross your fingers that he has a very, very long (like forever) remission! This picture was taken earlier in the week when Conan apparently decided he needed to Google something.

3. Spring, of course! A month+ with the majority of each day spent in sweats, long-sleeve shirt, hoodie, socks (at least one pair) and slippers is enough for me. I desperately miss walking around barefoot all day long! I'm told that March is the month the weather starts to warm up here in Ohio and I'm more than ready!

4. I recently discovered two contemporary pianists -- Helen Jane Long and Alexis Ffrench -- whose lovely music just seems to embody spring. It sounds bright and fresh, and it's the perfect accompaniment to knitting with a cup of tea by my side. Or today since it's rather frigid and dreary (come on, March!), Ghirardelli hot chocolate and a box of Thin Mints. Anyway, if you like classical music even a little bit, give these two pianists a look!

5. We'll be spending Easter in Indiana with my grandma, aunt and uncle, and two cousins. I'm so excited -- it will be the first Easter we've spent with family in five years! (Not being able to see family at the holidays -- especially Christmas -- was one of the few drawbacks to living in Hawaii.) I'm already scouring Pinterest for a cute, festive dish to take along.

6. And here's something bad about March: changing time. Hawaii doesn't change time, and it was so nice to skip that mess for three years! Who doesn't love "falling back" in October? But "springing forward" in March sucks. I must have my eight hours of sleep a night! (And yes, I know that statement makes it quite obvious that we don't yet have kids.)

I'm expecting March to be a month of fun times, somewhat warmer weather (hopefully?!), and moving into our new home. Welcome, March! (Now get busy with that sunshine...)

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  1. It's going to be a great month for all of you! Enjoy it all!


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