Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My 10 Most-Read Authors

Today the ladies at The Broke and the Bookish have asked us to talk about the authors we've read the most. My top 10 is going to be a bit misleading, but I decided to do it anyway because, well, it's hard to resist making lists! As I've mentioned before, since I started blogging and working at a library I'm far less likely to read a whole slew of books by the same author. This is not a good thing and I'm trying to rectify it!

What that means is that I started reading every author on this list before I started blogging four (!!!) years ago. A few, like Tasha Alexander, Janet Evanovich, Emily Giffin, Dan Brown and Donna Andrews are auto-reads for me, but I've either grown out of or neglected some of these authors for at least a couple years! So, while this list is indeed the authors I've read the most, it's not an entirely accurate representation of the authors I've read the most lately. So, without futher ado:

Janet Evanovich: 28+ books
21 Stephanie Plum books
3 between-the-numbers Plum books
3 Lizzy and Diesel books
1 Fox and O'Hare book
a few pre-Plum novels like "Motor Mouth"

Donna Andrews: 18 books
18 Meg Langslow mysteries

Rick Riordan: 10 books
5 Percy Jackson and the Olympians books
5 Heroes of Olympus books

J.K. Rowling: 9 1/2 books
7 Harry Potter books
"The Tales of Beedle the Bard"
"The Casual Vacancy"
half of "The Cuckoo's Calling"

Tasha Alexander: 9 books
9 Lady Emily mysteries

Philippa Gregory: 8 books

Sophie Kinsella: 7 books

Emily Giffin: 6 books
(still need to read "Baby Proof")

Dan Brown: 6 books
4 Robert Landgon books
"Deception Point"
"Digital Fortress"

Jodi Picoult: 4 books
I feel like I must have forgotten at least one or two, though, because I could swear I've read more.


  1. Riordan and Rowling are on my list as honorable mentions. Evanovich made the top ten.


  2. Oh we have Giffin and Evanovich in common. Although I think I am done with Evanovich. I have read some Jodi Picoult, Dan Brown and JK Rowling. I want to read more Sophie Kinsella after I read Finding Audrey. Great list!!

    1. I haven't read Jodi Picoult or Sophie Kinsella in a few years. I'm afraid I may have grown out of them (especially Sophie's Shopaholic series) but maybe I should make it a point to get back to them. It's just hard to do that sometimes when there are soooooo many books to be read! If you do read more Kinsella, I know I enjoyed "Twenties Girl," "Remember Me" and "The Undomestic Goddess."

  3. Donna Andrews is new to me - will have to check her out :)
    My TTT

    1. She writes fun cozy mysteries that all have a bird involved somehow. They're a bit cheesy at times, but I discovered the series maybe six or seven years ago and of course I have to keep reading! ;)

  4. Everyone seems to have Harry Potter on their lists lol
    My ttt

    1. Yes, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are kind of freebies here! If you've read the whole series, you've read a lot of books by the same author! I do think, though, that counting re-reads, J.K. Rowling would be by far my most-read author ever. I haven't been all that impressed with her adult books, though. :(


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