Thursday, November 16, 2017

My Life in Books Tag

I came across this tag at Rebel Mommy Book Blog, and it was started at Rantings of a Reading Addict. I tried to choose books I enjoyed and would recommend! Feel free to play along if you'd like -- this was a fun tag to put together!

Find a book for each of your initials.

(All these books are awesome! Read them!)

Count your age on the shelf. Which book is it?

Thirty-two books in: "The Lacuna" by Barbara Kingsolver. I bought this years ago at Borders' going-out-of-business sale. One day I'll get around to it. I loved the one Barbara Kingsolver book I've read, "The Poisonwood Bible."

Pick a book set in your city.

The first part of this (fantastic!!!) book is set in Honolulu. 

Pick a book that represents a destination you'd love to travel.

Alaska! And Washington state!

Pick a book that's your favorite color.

I love anything in the blue-green family: teal, turquoise, mint, etc.

What book do you have the fondest memories of?

I read this a couple years ago on my birthday trip to the Smoky Mountains. It was rainy and gray and the trees were on fire with color, and it was the absolute perfect time to read this atmospheric tale nestled in a cabin in the woods! Plus it was an all-around fantastic trip, and I loved the book. Good memories!

(I went with an adult book here, but if we're reminiscing about childhood, I'd have to say Nancy Drew and The Babysitter's Club.)

What book did you find the most difficult to read?

This is a complicated question! I decided to think about books I've read fairly recently, and I chose one I hated and one I liked. For the most part, I've enjoyed Laurie R. King's Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes series, but this installment was just brutal for me. I picked it up and put it down so many times, and I finally ended up skimming the last 100 pages. On the other hand, "A Little Life" was long, and it dealt with some very disturbing subject matter. It was tough to read in a completely different way from "O Jerusalem," and it was a book I ended up liking -- or maybe we'll say "appreciating." "Like" isn't quite a word I'd associate with the things that happen in this novel.

Which book on your TBR list will give you the biggest sense of accomplishment?

This book has been languishing on my to-read list for soooooo long. I keep vowing to read it each year and then I put it off and off and off, probably because the length makes it such a time commitment!

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  1. The cover of Moloka'i is gorgeous. A Little Life is one I am kind of scared to pick up because I have heard so many mixed things and it is huge. A Game of Thrones would definitely be an accomplishment.


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