Saturday, December 8, 2012

O, Christmas Tree (Hawaiian Style)!

It cracks me up that Hawaii, which has no seasons to speak of, has both the best pumpkin patch I've ever visited as well as its very own unique Christmas tree farm. Helemano Farms is a little gem that grows Norfolk pine trees, and it's the only alternative to buying Christmas trees shipped in (literally, on boats) from the Mainland.
Norfolk pines have very soft needles and are characterized by layers of branches several inches (or more than a foot) apart.
Helemano Farms provides the true Christmas tree experience -- minus the frigid weather and snow. A friendly local walks around with you as long as you'd like, pointing our prospective trees, measuring them for you, taking your picture and ultimately chopping down the winner.
And here's the finished product. It's certainly not a traditional tree, but it's pretty darn cool anyway!


  1. Beautiful tree! A nice mix of traditional and tropical for a Hawaiian christmas! :-)

  2. I love these trees. They just look so soft and not pokey like the traditional Christmas trees. You have your's decorated "just right". Enjoy!


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