Thursday, October 16, 2014

Exploring Ohio: Glen Helen Nature Preserve

What could be better than taking a meandering stroll through the woods, breathing crisp fall air, crunching on dried leaves, enjoying the stunning hues of fall foliage, all while being graced by some elusive Ohio sunshine? My parents were here for a few days earlier in the week and we had a great time exploring Glen Helen Nature Preserve in the nearby (wonderfully eccentric) village of Yellow Springs, Ohio.
This pretty little waterfall was the most picturesque sight we came across, though the entire area is pretty. Doesn't it just look lovely surrounded by fall leaves?
This is the Yellow Spring. It gets its name from the orange-y yellow coloring caused by iron. (Reminds me of that impossible-to-get-out red dirt that is everywhere in Hawaii!)
These bright leaves remind me of Mountain Dew!
Natural picture frames are the best! :)
I wish we'd discovered Glen Helen sooner, because it was possibly the prettiest, most scenic and relaxing place we've visited so far in Ohio -- and it's right down the road! I'd love to go back and see how it changes with the seasons. I imagine wildflowers in the summer and frozen waterfalls in the winter!

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  1. Love these photos - what a pretty place, with the leaves just starting to turn. If you are near Yellow Springs, are you familiar with Dark Star Books? It looks like a great bookstore to visit. (I haven't been there, but the manager is a college friend of mine.)


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