Tuesday, April 5, 2016

12 Bookish Instagrammers to Follow

The topic for this week's Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish is fellow bookworms we follow on social media. The only social media platform I use besides Facebook (where I do follow a few authors -- Pierce Brown, Andy Weir, Emily Giffin, Deborah Harkness) is Instagram, and that's what I decided to focus on for this list. I'm excited to look through other bloggers' posts because I really don't follow very many bookish accounts on Instagram -- this list is just about all of them -- and I'd like to add a few more to my feed. Below we have a couple authors, some popular Bookstagram accounts, and some fellow bloggers.

Do you have any favorite bookish Instagrammers? Are you on Instagram? You can find me there @knittinglindsay.

Author Pierce Brown
Instagram: piercebrownofficial
For a fairly famous author, Pierce is a pretty prolific Instagram poster. It's fun to get an peek at the life of an author I love and, um, one I've got a major crush on!

Author Kate Morton
Instagram: katemortonauthor
Kate does some fun traveling. She doesn't post nearly as much as Pierce but I always enjoy her photos.

Instagram: hotdudesreading
Hot dudes reading. Need I say more?!

Instagram: missinformation
I love this account! Katherine is a librarian with a fondness for amazing dresses and vintage clothing.

Instagram: ursula_uriarte
Typical Bookstagram account featuring gorgeous bookish photos.

Instagram: bookloversnest
More gorgeous bookish photos.

Fellow Bloggers I Follow On Instagram:

Instagram: grace_rebelmommybb

Instagram: bringmybooks

Instagram: shainareadsbooks

Instagram: palmerspageturners


  1. I'm pretty sure I have an Instagram account, but I never use it. I am afraid to say, I've never taken the time to really figure out how to use it--or what it's for exactly. If I did use Instagram more, I would definitely follow everyone on your list!

  2. Great picks this week! I love this weeks topic, I get to share some of my favourite bookish people but then I am also discovering new ones that I can follow. Thanks for the awesome recommendations, I LOVE Instagram and all these accounts look AMAZING :) I already stalk Pierce Brown because... HAVE YOU SEEN HIM haha! You can see my picks here


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