Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Breadbowls and Broccoli-Cheddar Bliss


I had a very ambitious day in the kitchen recently. I think it's because I'm reading Julia Child's autobiography of her time in "la belle France" and I've been inspired to cook up a storm. First I put together that night's dessert -- apple dumplings. Then I proceeded to make homemade breadbowls for the first time and broccoli-cheddar soup with which to fill them.

Traditionally, yeast and I don't get along. But this time I actually bothered to read about how to properly proof the yeast. (It was so fun watching it blossom and bubble in the water!) I also took the time to find a nice warm spot for the dough to rise, which is no easy task in our meatlocker of a house. I was already doing laundry, so I decided to put the dough in the laundry area with the dryer on. Success! For the first time, my dough actually did exactly what it was supposed to! (Obviously the previous bread-making faux pas were not the yeast's fault but user error.)

The result was four gorgeous golden breadbowls and one very proud cook! Here are the recipes I used: breadbowls (halved) and broccoli-cheddar soup. Yum!


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  1. I love these bread bowls. I printed out the recipe to give a try sometime. What a fun way to eat soup.


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