Tuesday, February 7, 2012

WIWW: A Week Of Boots

Aloha friends, and thanks for stopping by this wonderful Wednesday! This has been a crazy week for me, between trying to spend as much time as possible with the hubby before he leaves for Afghanistan and starting my new job at the base library. I've only been at the library for a week, but I really get the feeling that I'm going to enjoy it once I get settled in. There's just something about being surrounded by books and book-lovers that feels comfortable.

On to the outfits! This week I decided to wear my boots as much as possible. After I discovered that it was just too darn hot to wear them out during the day, they got shoved toward the back of the closet. Not this week, though! I love all the boots + skinnies looks I see on WIWW every Wednesday and I was more than happy to join the crowd this week. Since Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy is on vacation this week, I'm linking up for the first time with Momma Go Round.

02-03-12 Awards Dinner2
This aspen leaf necklace is my favorite piece of jewelry.

02-03-12 Awards Dinner
We went to a fancy-pants awards dinner on Friday night, at which my wonderful husband was selected as Officer of the Year! I was so proud, and it was fun to see him get dressed up in his Air Force mess dress. (This is the closest I'll ever get to seeing him in a suit.)

02-03-12 Awards Dinner1
We love Thai food, and one thing that's great about Hawaii is that there are probably just as many Thai places as Starbucks -- literally one on every corner! When we eat at a Thai restaurant, I indulge in a Thai iced tea (that's the orange conocotion I'm drinking in the picture). Soooo good, and a perfect foil to the spicy pad Thai I always order.

02-07-12 WIWW
This is my favorite outfit for the week. I love the color of this top! (And yes, I wore the same pair of jeans three times this week.)


  1. Way cute outfits this week. I love the color of your top on Sunday too. You and your husband all dressed up on Friday night for the dinner look great. Cute shoes. Perfect for a dress up dinner out.

  2. Great looks and great accessorizing! I'd love if you came and linked this up at my Drab to Fab party on Friday. We celebrate turning normal clothes into fabulous outfits by using a little creativity or smarts to dress them up. (We also celebrate jazzed up recipes and DIY's). Anyway, I'd love to see you this Friday. Here's a link for all the info you need on the party!

    Hope to see you :)



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