Monday, April 23, 2012

I *Heart* Bubble Tea

Have you tried a bubble tea yet? Bubble tea (a.k.a boba tea) is super popular here in Hawaii -- it's an Asian drink, and Hawaii has an abundance of Asian culture (like the Thai restaurnants on every corner -- yum!).

The "bubbles" are huge tapioca pearls, hence the gargantuan straw needed to suck them up! Bubble tea comes in all sorts of flavors that range from the most basic milk tea to mango, coconut, watermelon, chocolate, coffee and beyond. I decided to be adventurous yesterday and got the purple yam/coconut flavor. (Purple -- or Okinawan -- yams are another Hawaii thing.) It was reeeeally good and I was proud of myself for choosing something so exotic-sounding.

It seems like bubble tea is catching on back on the Mainland -- in fact, I actually had my first bubble tea when I went home to Colorado for a visit. For a long time, I thought the "bubbles" referred to carbonation, not yummy tapioca pearls, and when my brother finally convinced me to try it I was disappointed that I'd missed out on it for so long! It's a unique drink, but after a few sips you'll probably be just as addicted as I am!


  1. yessss. I miss Hawaiian bubble tea so much!! it's weird that they call it boba on the mainland. my friends and I used to get it at the Coffee and Tea Zone in the Springs and also in Fort Collins at the Teriyaki Wok.. haven't found a good place to get it here yet :(

  2. I agree, these are very good and easily addicting.


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