Friday, April 6, 2012

Handmade Cards Add Sunshine To Your Day

A couple weeks ago at work, I was cutting out library card applications and hold request tickets. Once done, I had a mound of yellow and orange strips of paper left over and I just couldn't bear to throw them out. I bundled them all up and brought them home with me, already envisioning some sort of sunshine art project. And this card, to be sent to my deployed husband, is what came out! All it took was my free strips of paper (of which I have about 100 left over!), a piece of cardstock, a glue stick and a Sharpie. I hope it brings a little cheer and susnhine to Jarrod's day. :)

(Here's what I started with.)


  1. What a great idea to use up paper scraps. I'm sure that someone special is going to love getting this in the mail.


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