Monday, May 7, 2012

Baby Shower Cupcakes

I actually made something inspired by a Pinterest pin! These cupcakes, which I baked for a friend's casual baby shower dinner, came out ok and they were definitely yummy. But there were two problems with them -- first, pacifiers are expensive, people! And second, it was a little weird eating a baby's face.

I did learn something new while making these. To acheive perfect flesh-tone frosting (it was a little darker in real life than it looks here), add one drop of red and one drop of yellow food coloring to one regular-sized canister of vanilla frosting.


  1. cute idea! but yeah, i bet pacifers are expensive, can only make so many of those!

  2. Wow, that post was hilarious. Might be one of my favorites of yours.

  3. Great idea for a baby shower. They look awesome. I'm sure it was wierd to "eat a baby's face". Funny.


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