Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fredrik Bun Sushi: Love At First Sight

Have you ever seen something on a TV commerical or in an ad and just knew you had to have it? That was the case with the newest Silcox addition, Fredrik Bun Sushi, the turquoise ceramic rabbit I bought at Pier 1 during my trip home to Colorado. My bunny was the last one in the store -- and on clearance -- and boy did I snatch him up! I forced my family to help name him, and we came up with the rather unfortunate moniker of Fredrik Bun Sushi. Don't ask.

I decided to leave Fredrik Bun Sushi at my parents' house in Colorado until we head back to the Mainland in the fall; I didn't think he could survive a plane trip. Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure my parents and brother are as enamored with Fredrik Bun Sushi as I am, and I warned him not to let them take him down to the basement -- yard sale territory!


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