Friday, July 13, 2012

Furry Friday

Last Thursday poor Lily-cat got declawed and was sentence to two weeks in The Cone. I know everyone has their own opinions on declawing, and we went back and forth and forth and back for the entire two years we've had Lily. But we finally decided to do it. And, controversy aside, I can now tell you that declawing is not small potatoes. I'm sure in the end I'll be glad (as will our future new furniture) that we did it, but I'm honestly not sure I'd put another cat through that. It was definitely not "no big deal" like many people told me it was.

Anyway, the upside is that The Cone made for some cute pictures. Conan has worn a cone more than his fair share and he felt very sorry for his little sister.

This is why Lily has to wear a cone -- she reeeeally wants to lick her paws. And who can blame her? But she's started grooming "through" the cone, which is pretty pitiful but pretty funny too. She only has one week left with her cone and her yucky newspaper litter and being force-fed syringes full of chalky white antibiotics. Next Friday will be a very good day for her!


  1. You're so lucky the cone stayed on! Our kittehs were supposed to wear the "cone of shame" when they got fixed. Both threw such a fit (flinging themselves off the couch and table in an effort to escape it.) We fnally just took the thing off because serious injury seemed imminent.

    Hope she's feeling better soon!

  2. Ahh, gotta love Lily and Conan.


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