Sunday, July 8, 2012

Knitting: Little Snowy Owl & Wee Baby Hats


This is Mr. Owl. I agree, he needs a better name, but Mr. Owl he is for now. I'm in between big projects at the moment (finally done with months of baby knitting and awaiting the start of my first-ever mystery knit-along) and I wanted a fun little project to use up some of my acrylic yarn stash. In the past few months, I've moved completely to the dark side; I am now a "yarn snob," favoring soft, luxurious, natural (pricey) yarns like merino wool or alpaca or wool-cashmere blend over man-made acrylic. But I spent over two years being a not-yarn-snob and accumulated quite a bit of acrylic yarn that's now taking up a lot of closet space.

I used the Big Snowy Owl pattern from The Purl Bee, but I knitted my owl with thinner yarn and smaller needles so he's about half the size of the original. This is the first stuffed animal I've knitted and I'm absolutely in love with him!

2012-07-01 13.56.36
Last weekend I visited my friends Priscilla and Steve, who recently welcomed their first baby. I knitted this dinosaur hat for Priscilla's baby shower and was excited to actually see it baby Noah! How cute is he?! (Sorry for the blurry cell phone picture.)

These are the two baby hats I finished last week for another pregnant friend who's due any day. And now... I'm baby-knitted out! I can't wait to start the mystery KAL -- it's a shawl pattern called Rockefeller by famous knit designer Stephen West. It'll be so fun to watch my shawl -- and the thousands of other participants' -- unfold without having a clue what the end result will be!

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