Friday, August 3, 2012

Furry Friday, Hawaiian Style


We now know for sure that we'll be moving from Hawaii this fall, and while the location isn't 100% set-in-stone, it will be a huge change from Oahu! I've got a sudden itch to get in as many island activities as possible over the next couple months so I can have those memories to savor when I'm huddled under a mountain of blankets in a frigid, snowy place and complaining about how impossibly cold I am!

Yesterday I took Conan to the dog beach. He always has such a great time there, especially if it's low tide and the sand bar is exposed. He loves frolicking and running carefree with the other dogs.



When I noticed these stunning hibiscus bushes at the entrance to the base pool where I recently starting doing a water aerobics class with a friend, I knew instantly I'd have to get pictures. Red, pink, yellow, and even peach hibiscus are common, but I've never seen ones in these orange-y shades before. So gorgeous! The flower in the top photo reminds me of a sunset.


2012-08-03 10.29.26_1

And this morning I took myself to the base beach, propped up my beach chair and read my book ("Gone Girl" -- I'm loving it so far). Then, after dipping my feet in the clear, cool water, I closed my eyes and basked in the warm sun, the light trade winds tickling my skin, and listened to the gentle sloshing of the waves. At times like that, I agree wholeheartedly with the Mainlander perception that Hawaii is "paradise!"

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  1. Awesome pictures. I know that both you and Conan had fun at the beach. Beautiful pictures of the hibiscus. Paradise for sure!


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