Saturday, August 4, 2012

What I Want From Etsy

I adore Etsy, but if I bought all of the gorgeous handmade products I lust after then I'd be broke! Typically I think about an item for at least a couple of weeks before I purchase it -- if it's for myself, anyway -- to determine if I really, really want it. There are several items on my want-to-buy list right now, so I thought I'd share!

Etsy shop: LaLaCrystal

 Etsy shop: blockpartypress

 Etsy shop: symmetricalpottery
This can be customized with all sorts of colors and pet's name, too!

 Etsy shop: PrettyLittleCharmsUK
This is my favorite snitch necklace I've come across on Etsy.

 Etsy shop: TaylorsEclectic
This necklace is made of wire and paper!

 Etsy shop: JenniferCasady

 Etsy shop: FlourishCafe
$15 for a 5x7 print
So very true!

Etsy shop: FlourishCafe
$10 for a 4x6 print
I've been thinking of redecorating my kitchen in cheery shades of yellow, turquoise and grey. This would be perfect!

Etsy shop: barnowlprimitives
I've been eyeing this sign for something like a year, but I've held off because of the whole re-decorating the kitchen idea. Wouldn't this look nice in turquoise?

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