Monday, October 22, 2012

She Picks Pumpkins At The Seashore

One of my favorite things about Oahu is that, though we have no fall weather to speak of, it's home to the best pumpkin patch I've ever been to -- Aloun Farms. Acres and acres of pumpkins -- miniature, regular, giant and white -- are ready for picking off the vine, along with corn and sweet onions.
Here's Jarrod perusing a tiny section of the pumpkin field.

We found some prime specimens!
Since it's our last Halloween here, we decided to splurge on a giant "king" pumpkin.
In all, we have nine pumpkins from the pumpkin patch and an assortment of gourds (in the leaf bowl) from the grocery store. I'm looking forward to carving our three big pumpkins next week for Halloween -- one for me, one for Jarrod and one for Conan!

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