Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Week in Pictures

my week

1. Both Jarrod and I had Veterans Day off work so we went down to Waikiki. He surfed while I read and we stuck around for the sunset. Though Waikiki is the most famous beach here, it's my least favorite. It's always so crowded and when Jarrod's surfing I don't feel safe leaving my stuff and walking down to the water (and it's near impossible to find a spot to put my beach chair near the water!). Still, I can't complain about the lovely sunsets!

2. Our Air Force base commissary now stocks Lindsay brand olives! This is special because olives are my favorite food. This can (with adorable ducks on it!) will become a pencil holder or something else fun.

3. This is my latest knitting project, a mystery hat knit-along. I really enjoyed participating in my second KAL but I'm not sure I like the finished hat. I may attempt to block it to give it more slouch.

4. My grandma sent us this lovely Thanksgiving centerpiece. It's so pretty and festive!

5. One of the things on my before-we-leave-Hawaii list was to buy some Locals brand flip-flops. They're cheap things made in Vietnam, but they're really popular here and they'll remind me of Hawaii.

6. Another thing on our last-two-months to-do list was a North Shore shark cage tour, which we did today. It was so amazing -- more pictures to come tomorrow!

7. No picture, but we saw "Skyfall" this week and I loved it. I think it's my favorite of all the James Bonds, though it wouldn't hold the same weight without the other two action-filled Daniel-Craig-as-Bond movies to precede it.

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  1. I love all the pictures of the week. Great way to remember all the fun things you did. I actually like the cheap flip-flops.


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