Monday, November 26, 2012

My Week in Pictures

11-26-12 Thanksgiving, Sea Life Park

1. I ordered these adorable Christmas ornaments as baby gifts from LittleWeeShop on Etsy.

2. Jarrod and I both got off work early on Wednesday so we went down to Waikiki for surfing (him)/lounging on the beach with a book (me).

3. Thanksgiving turkey! I was so proud of myself for FINALLY making perfect gravy!

4. We went to Sea Life Park yesterday and I couldn't resist taking some sea lion pictures. They always remind us of Conan.

5. We did the Dolphin Adventure at Sea Life Park, so we each got a dolphin kiss and a belly ride. It was amazing! I was fascinated by how strong and smart the dolphins were. And they didn't feel anything liked I'd imagined -- they weren't slick like a fish at all but almost rubbery-feeling.

6. We saw "Breaking Dawn Part 2" last night and I LOVED it! I thought the big twist was a great idea.

Aloha and have a great week!

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