Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Etsy Wish List: May

After being visited by some religion peddlers and a newspaper salesman, I determined that we need a "No Soliciting" sign. This is the top contender.
Etsy shop: lisabees, $13.50

How fun are these hand-sewn Harry Potter-themed bookmarks?! I especially like "Make Love, Not Horcruxes."
Etsy shop: Bakarasz, $8

Now that we have a massive garden to weed, I've really come to dislike dandelions in their literal form. But these earrings are super cute! I also love the hand-stamped metal bookmarks this shop has.
Etsy shop: MauveMagpie, $9.27
I've been a Julia Child fan ever since I read "My Life in France." And this quote is so true! Plus I like that the graphics colors are customizable.
Etsy shop: Coleandco, $12
These turquoise glass earrings are lovely.
Etsy shop: paulbead, $17
This metal sign is so fun and bright, and it would be great for the kitchen or the patio. There are a few different fruits to choose from, but raspberries are my favorite.
Etsy shop: BainbridgeFarmGoods, $34.95
This recycled metal creation is the most fun bird feeder I've ever seen!
Etsy shop: Junkfx, $50

This pretty handblown glass hummingbird feeder is made from recycled wine bottles.
Etsy shop: SageStudios, $35

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  1. I love all the things you found! The earings are so pretty and just your style. I really like the "No Soliciting" sign. It's a nice way to say "stay away"! Great outside items too. So fun!


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