Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring: Flowers, Fro-Yo and Frisbee

It's SPRING! I can't say I don't still miss Hawaii's 80-degree weather, shave ices and sandy beaches every day, but I'm definitely finding spring in Ohio delightful! It rains all the time and flowers are popping up everywhere, which is especially fun since we have no idea what the previous owners have planted in the landscaping. It's a mystery!

My favorite thing in our yard is this little tree with its bright pink flowers.

Apparently we have rose bushes! Roses have never been my favorite flower (I prefer the more whimsical daisies and violets and peonies) but I'm kind of excited to see what kind of roses these guys produce.

These white lilac bushes smell soooooo good!

Spring means sitting outside while enjoying frozen yogurt for dessert! We visited my grandma in Indiana last weekend and initiated her into the frozen yogurt trend.

And spring means long sessions of Frisbee with Conan. A tired dog is a happy dog! (Just look at that tongue! It's perfect for giving slobbery kisses!)

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  1. Beautiful pictures in your backyard. Love all those flowering trees, indeed a surprise to see what will pop up next!


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