Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Etsy Wish List: June

I had no trouble filling up my Etsy "favorites" list this month! Here are a few of my finds:

Etsy Shop: dolangeiman
Price: $250
I am just in love with this piece of boxer artwork made of wood and other found objects. Too bad it's just sliiiightly out of my price range!

Etsy Shop: WaterInMyPaint
Price: $31.26 for an 11x14 print
A tiny owl in a tea cup wearing a snorkel mask? What could be more adorable? (Except perhaps a boxer puppy...)

Etsy Shop: eggtoothoriginals
Price: $33
These are so pretty, and it sounds like the charms are made with imprints from actual ferns.

Price: $4.99 for a 5x7 card
Guess I'm all about boxers this month!

Etsy Shop: starlightwoods
Price: $28
This pretty floral necklace is made with a piece of fallen tree branch!

Etsy shop: sarahogren
Price: $20 for an 8x10 print
I'm considering this bird and hydrangea print for the guest room. It reminds me of my mom because her favorite flowers are hydrangeas.

Etsy Shop: crowandcompany
Price: $24.50
Opal is October's birthstone, and I could always use another long necklace!

Etsy Shop: TheCoastalSoul
Price: $12
This handmade suncatcher captivates me every time I look at it!

Etsy Shop: lovelikestyle
Price: $22
These colors are so pretty together -- and as I said, you can't have too many long necklaces!

Etsy Shop: redbrickwall
Price: $28
I don't think I'd ever actually wear this in public, but I LOVE this Groucho Marx quote. I'd never heard it until I stumbled across this t-shirt the other day! (On second thought, I might just wear it to work at the library...)

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  1. I love the prints! You always find such pretty jewelry too.


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