Monday, July 22, 2013

My Week in Pictures + Cell Phone Humor

Before I show you the pictures of my week, I have to tell you about an -- as the young bucks would call it -- "epic fail" of technology. Just over a week ago, I traded in my trusty old Android phone for a brand-spankin'-new iPhone, which has some cool features like text dictation. You say out loud the contents of your text and your phone magically types it up for you. Fantastic, right?

Not exactly, since it doesn't work so well when it would really come in handy -- like driving on the interstate (the road noise is probably to blame, but still!). I tried to "text" my husband (who is currently in Florida) yesterday on the drive to Indiana, and the gibberish the phone spat back out was enough to keep me giggling for the next five miles!

Here's what my phone thought I said:
Just saw a Boggan flying low over the highway with something in me. I guess it's just a birdbrain week, although your house definitely try my comment has done. (WTF is a Boggan?)

Here's what I really said:
Just saw a falcon flying low over the highway with something in its mouth. I guess it's just a bird-themed week, although your owl definitely trumps my kamikaze dove.

(Context: A dove flew into our back window and died, prompting me to say, "Didn't I get married so I didn't have to pick up dead birds???" And my husband had a close encounter with an owl at his house in Florida.)

(Cell phone picture of said owl -- very cool, and definitely trumps a dead dove!)
And here's my week in pictures:
 My new phone at least seems to have a decent camera, and of course my inaugural picture had to be of Conan!
 This was the view from our backyard a few nights ago. All those different cloud shapes and colors were so pretty!
 Daisies are my favorite flower, and I was thrilled when they started popping up in our garden. We had no idea what the previous homeowners had planted, which has made for several headaches, but at least they had some good taste in flora!
 We also have two hibiscus bushes -- except I recently learned that here in the Midwest this flower is called a Rose of Sharon.
 "Hey, I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything is right!"
Last week I worked almost every day at the library, so it was the perfect time for my cute new flats to arrive from Zappos! (They're Clarks "Poem Journal," if you're interested, and very comfortable. And they're the only pair of shoes I own that are made of actual leather... coincidentally, they're also the most expensive!)
 Yesterday I headed over to Indiana to see my grandma. We went to Menchie's for dessert. Man, do I miss all those frozen yogurt places in Hawaii! (And bubble tea, oh bubble tea, how I pine for thee!)
 Here's my concoction. You can't tell by the amount of calories in my cup that I had just polished off an entire meal of stuffed chicken marsala and mashed potatoes, plus salad and breadsticks, at Olive Garden!
Grandma took this cute picture of Conan and me. I love it!

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  1. I chuckled over your try at phone dictation! I'm glad you have a hibiscus in your garden, so pretty. It will remind you of Hawaii. Your phone does indeed take great pictures.


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