Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Book Review: Dog Songs by Mary Oliver

"Dog Songs" by Mary Oliver
First published in 2013
144 pages
My rating: 4 out of 5
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I'm not much a poetry fan, but I just couldn't resist this little book of canine-themed poems and the adorable dog sketch adorning its cover.

Mary Oliver, a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, is an obvious dog lover and she deftly captures the joy, laughter, love and ultimately grief that comes with having dogs in our lives. Any dog owner would appreciate these short poems -- with a small essay thrown in -- and this book would make a nice gift.

I read the poems aloud to my dog, Conan, which he really seemed to enjoy. I loved watching him be lulled to sleep by the sound of my voice as I told him stories about other dogs loved (almost) as much as he.

Here's one of our favorite selections from the book:

Said Bear, "I know I'm supposed to keep my eye
on you but it's difficult the way you
lag behind and keep talking to people."

Well, how can you be keeping your eye on me
when you're half a mile ahead?

"True," said Bear. "But I'm thinking of you all the time.

I had to go away for a few days so I called
the kennel and made an appointment. I guess
Bear overheard the conversation.

"Love and company," said Bear, "are the adornments
that change everything. I know they'll be
nice to me, but I'll be sad, sad, sad."
And pitifully he wrung his paws.

I cancelled the trip.
*"Dog Songs" is fulfilling the poetry requirement in my 2014 Reading Outside the Box Challenge.

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  1. The poems sounds so cute. I enjoyed the ones you posted up. I'm sure that Conan enjoyed listening to them while you read. :)


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