Thursday, June 19, 2014

Stitch Fix Box 2 Review: Fail

Earlier this week I received my second Stitch Fix box, and I'm sad to say that I just don't think Stitch Fix is for me. You can see a description of Stitch Fix, my reasons for signing up for the subscription, and the items from my first box here. (See the items from this box below.)

So why am I canceling my subscription?

*I was so excited to have a real, live stylist pick out clothes she thought would suit me and maybe take me a little outside what I'd normally choose. I was hoping to transition to a slightly more grown-up wardrobe and avoid miserable shopping trips to the mall. But after two boxes and two different stylists, I just don't feel they have a good grasp of what I like. My second stylist DID listen to my feedback about the first Fix -- I wanted more form-fitting clothes and summer stuff (which should have been obvious for a May box?) -- but even so, nothing was quite right. I included a link to some outfit posts from my blog in my Stitch Fix style profile, but I'm pretty sure neither stylist looked at it to get an idea of what kinds of clothes I prefer. The first stylist seemed to focus on my meager Pinterest style board, which does give an idea of some clothes I think are pretty but shows nothing of my body type, how clothes fit on me, and what I actually wear day-to-day.
*The clothes just don't seem well-made and high-quality enough for the prices. Maybe if the clothing was all made in the U.S.A. I'd be willing to pay $50 or $60 for things, but most are made in India and China just like everything else, and the fabrics don't seem to be any different than what I'd find at Old Navy or Target -- places where I'm trying to shop less as my goal is to focus more on quality over quantity with my wardrobe. (I'm not having much success so far!)

*With my wide hips, long legs and arms, and bodily imperfections, I really need to try stuff on; for this reason I rarely buy clothes online. I was worried sizing would be a factor and sure enough it was. That's not really Stitch Fix's fault, though.

And below are the five items from my Stitch Fix Box #2:
1. Pomelo brand Brentwood Space Dye Tiered Tank, $58
I actually liked this tank top well enough. I wasn't crazy about the "space-dye" (little white lines throughout the blue that you can't see well in the photo) but it fit pretty well and I liked how it disguised my stomach. However, it was almost $60 and I just couldn't pay that much for a tank top that that I wasn't absolutely drooling over -- or really, ANY tank top. A sweater, sure. Jeans, definitely. But a little tank top? I considered it, but in the end I just couldn't shell out 6 hours worth of work at the library for a tank top that I couldn't even WEAR to work.
2. Renee C brand Haime Abstract Chevron Spaghetti Strap Tank, $48
Stitch Fix stylist, why oh why oh why couldn't you have sent a regular tank top with this amazing chevron pattern?! I absolutely adored the print, but the halter neck was kind of weird (though even I admit that it looks good on) and as a rule I avoid clothes that require a (horrifically uncomfortable) strapless bra. I almost kept this one, but it was a bit small in the hips and bunched weirdly right above my butt. In the end, I couldn't get over how wrinkly and odd it looked in the back; that, combined with the strapless bra issue, had me worried that it would just hang in my closet and I'd have wasted $50.
3. Angie brand Royce Spaghetti Strap Paisley Print Dress, $58
I knew as soon as I pulled this dress out of the box that it wasn't going to be for me. I actually like this style of dress (other than the spaghetti straps, due to my aforementioned aversion to strapless bras) but I didn't care for the pattern. I know the dress looks decent in the picture, but the fit was off. It gapped badly in the armpits (a perpetual problem I have with dresses -- apparently my hips aren't proportionate to my boobs) and the elastic cinching hit at a really uncomfortable spot, somewhere between my natural waist and my bust, and I kept wanting to tug it up or down.
4. Pink Martini brand Joshua Colored Ankle Jean, $64
I love the cobalt color of these and have absolutely no problem paying more than twice this price for jeans. I was thrilled to see that I might be saved from pants shopping but I should've known it was too good to be true. These are a generic size large, which seems odd for something as specific size-wise as jeans, and they were way too small. I couldn't even get them over my thighs. And I think that even if they had been big enough in the waist they'd have been too short. :(
5. Zad brand Charlize Tiered Chandelier Earrings, $34
These earrings aren't my style and they seemed really cheap. They looked like they were made out of ball chain and couldn't possibly be worth $34.


  1. I've been with Stitch fix for probably 8-9 months now. I think it definitely gets better as you go along. So, if you don't want to cancel, I'd give it a bit longer!

  2. I agree with Allison - I have been with them for almost a year and I have one stylist that I always ask for. She does very well 98% of the time. Occassionally I bump up the amount I would spend for clothes and get some very high quality good clothes that will stay in my closet for many years.


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