Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Top 10 Book Characters Who'd Sit At My High School Lunch Table

It's already September! It's hard to believe fall -- with its pumpkins and boots and raking and apple everything -- is nearly upon us! As an homage to back-to-school, this week's Top Ten Tuesday by The Broke and the Bookish is the top 10 book characters who would be sitting at my lunch table.

At first I was tempted to just select all my favorite characters, regardless of age. But then, after reminiscing of my own high school lunch table, I decided to stick with mostly teenage protagonists. They're pretty much all the kinds of people I'd like to hang out with -- smart and/or easy to like and funny. Here's what I came up with... will we all get along? Probably not!
1. Hermione Granger: She'd certainly up the intelligence quotient at our table! I'd hand out S.P.E.W. badges with her any day.
2. Luna Lovegood: Every lunch table needs someone a little kooky and eclectic!

3. Rudy Steiner: The affable, charming, athletic yellow-haired boy would put everyone at ease.

4. Bee Fox: Bright and mature for her age. And she convinces her parents to take her on a cruise to Antarctica! I could see her joining me on the school newspaper.

5. Holden Caulfield: Philosophical and angsty. He'd always call us out when we started acting "phony"!

6. Grover: Who wouldn't want a funny satyr for a pal? As a bonus, you'd never have to dump your leftovers and trash because Grover would eat it all!

7. Stephanie Plum: Funny, smart and a little bit ditzy. We could commiserate about the curse of curly hair and talk about the cute boys we had crushes on.

8. Mary Russell: At 15, Mary Russell becomes Sherlock Holmes's protegee. She's terrifically smart and gutsy, and she eschews the social customs of 1915 Britain. She'd certainly tell it like it is! I could see her being good friends with Hermione and Holden.
9. Via Pullman: Of the many points of view in "Wonder," I most enjoyed Via's. I definitely think we could be friends.
10. Mark Watney: Super-smart, funny, sarcastic and likely adorably nerdy as a teenager. Oh yeah, and future astronaut. Not a bad friend to have (especially if he'd help me with my science and math homework!).

Favorite teacher -- Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Who wouldn't want to ride on the Magic School Bus!?


  1. I'm only familiar with the Harry Potter characters here. They've made so many people's lists today! :)

  2. Rudy!!!! I love him; good choice! And yes, Mary Russell and Hermione would definitely get along!


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