Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Quick and Easy Fall Wreath With Burlap

I went to JoAnn to browse around a bit over Labor Day weekend because I had a good coupon, and I snagged a cheap square wire wreath form. I figured I'd turn it into a festive fall door decoration since I've had my current fall wreath since college and it's looking a bit ragged.

I already had a roll of burlap, which I thought would lend the perfect autumnal background for my square canvas. I knew I wanted something hanging down inside the frame, and I found those awesome acorns at Michael's. I really like the branch decorations (also from Michael's) because they have beads as well as those little styrofoam berries. I topped it off with a nice fall bow and was pretty thrilled with the result! The entire thing took all of 10 minutes to assemble. I spent far more time than that at Michael's debating about what accoutrements I wanted to buy for the wreath!
I like the look of the burlap wrapped around the frame, and I was thinking it'd be easy to make a mummy wreath for Halloween this way, using a roll of gauze instead of burlap, and maybe some googly eyes. Perhaps that'll be my next project!


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    1. Thanks, Missie! And thanks for leaving a link to your blog; I'll be sure to check it out!


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