Friday, November 21, 2014

My Etsy Wish List: November

I just love Etsy and I could spend hours browsing all the lovely handmade wares. It's one of the best places to buy unique and beautiful gifts -- and my parents actually bought me two things from my July wish list for my birthday! (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) Below are several Etsy finds that have caught my eye in the past few months:
Etsy shop: ThatsmineBoutique
Price: $35
I love the contrasting colors of this long pendant necklace! I saw it on my favorite fashion blog, Putting Me Together, and instantly wanted it for myself!

Etsy shop: TheRockStarGoddess
Price: $36+

Etsy shop: ColoradoJoes
Price: $90
This is a mini replica of the sign that welcomes drivers to my home state of Colorado! It's a little overpriced, I think, but so cool!

Etsy shop: HappyLetterShop
Price: $75+
Hardee-har! I would probably never pay this much for a wooden sign, but I love the saying and the rustic look. It'd be perfect for the kitchen!

Etsy shop: craftedvan
Price: $4.57
This card just cracked me up! The shop has all kinds of punny and clever greeting cards, but this was my favorite.

Etsy shop: boygirlparty
Price: $20 for a 6x6 print
It's a knitting sock-topus! This shop has lots of fun illustrations turned into art prints, stationery and jewelry.

Etsy shop: DogCityandCo
Price: $16
Love this boxer tote! The shop has several different dog breed bags, shirts and more.

Etsy shop: Roostic
Price: it's sold so I can't see for sure, but the rest are all $37
I use my iPad more and more for recipes and I love this cutting board-style stand for the kitchen. The red is perfect!

Etsy shop: chicdays
Price: $14.99
Teal and foxes: a perfect combo!

Etsy shop: BackBayPottery
Price: sold :(
These little ceramic mountain necklaces are so pretty. As much as I love the beach, I'll always be a "mountains" girl. I've already bought a few things from this shop and they've been fantastic!

Etsy shop: ZenThreads
Price: $18
Something good to wear to work. Lots of color choices, too!

Price: $24.50
Something else good to wear to work!

Etsy shop: flapperdoodle
Price: 6 notecards for $10
I love everything in this shop! There's so much fun book-themed art that I just picked one at random for this post. I particularly love all the different the notecards!

Etsy shop: blockpartypress
Price: $40
More books!

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  1. Great picks for the month. The library shirts are neat.


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