Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Knitting FO: Knitted Cupcake

Maggie's Cupcake
Pattern: Cupcake by Eva McDonald
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Strawberry and Vanna's Choice in Beige

I whipped up this cupcake as a going-away gift for my wonderful boss at the library, Maggie. She loves baking and was always supplying us with the tastiest cupcakes, so I thought I'd return the favor in non-edible form!

I loved looking through the Ravelry project pages for this pattern and seeing how everyone modified their cupcakes and decorated them differently. Cherries, strawberries, flowers and more topped them off. Some cupcakes had purled frosting while others had stockinette like mine. Some knitters used another yarn color to represent a peek of cake between the liner and the frosting. It was so fun to see how everyone's creative juices gave their cupcakes unique personalities.

I knew I wanted my cupcake to have bright pink frosting and that was no trouble, but I desperately wanted colored sprinkles and I just could not find the proper beads -- at least not by my deadline. In the end, I settled for rectangular clear beads with flashes of silver, which I thought could pass for big sugar crystals.

Some people used a pudding or fruit cup to stabilize the base of their cupcakes, but since I didn't have either of those I used some plastic pellets I had left over from my knitted rabbits. It stands up pretty well but doesn't have any hard edges, which I like.

I was pretty pleased with my little knitted dessert. The only danger is that it'll sit on Maggie's new desk and make her crave real cupcakes. (If so, sorry Maggie!)


  1. This is just so darn cute. I am loving this. Wonderful post

  2. Love the cupcake! You can make just about anything. 😊


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