Saturday, May 30, 2015

I Judge Books By Their Covers: "The Rosie Project"

Hello, my name is Lindsay, and I judge books by their covers.

Confession: I 
always judge books by their covers. A book's appearance -- from the artwork to the font to the colors to the texture to the weight and cut of the pages (I like the ragged-edged ones) -- is very important to me. And there are certain kinds of covers I like and certain ones I'd never pick up unless I was already planning to read the book. It's fascinating to see how covers change between editions -- hardcover and paperback, or U.S. and international -- and it's so fun to see who prefers what!

Yellow: paperback (what my copy looked like)
Red: hardcover
Blue: Canada
White: U.K.

Wow, this one's a real doozy! At a glance, these covers look pretty dissimilar, but they really do have quite a lot in common. The all use primary colors -- red, blue and yellow, plus black and white. They all have a heart or a bike or both. In fact, these four covers really complement each other!

So let's talk preferences. The only cover that really doesn't appeal to me right off the bat is the red cover, the original U.S. hardback edition. It's a bit too bland, I don't really care for the font, and I somehow feel like it gives the least indication of what the book is about (even though it has a heart and a bike).

The artwork on the Canadian and U.K. versions aren't very descriptive either (I think the yellow cover best depicts the story but it's a little too busy for me), but they're a lot more aesthetically appealing. I love the pretty blue color and the pop of the red bike on the Canadian cover, and how could I resist an eye-catching red lobster whose antennae form a cute little heart?! I really like the fonts on both these covers as well as the lime green of the author's name on the U.K. version. Both are clean, simple, cheerful and bright, and they'd both compel me to open the book and read the blurb. What a tough choice!

Winner: It's a close call, but I'm going with Canada!

Do tell: which cover do you like best?

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  1. So many different covers for one book. I most likely would pick up the blue one with the bike on the cover.


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