Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Etsy Wish List: June

It's time again for me to share some awesome Etsy finds with you! Since my last Etsy post, I did a bit of shopping and ordered two necklaces, one bracelet and one pair of earrings -- all gorgeous -- as well as some customized mason jar mugs for a wedding present. Oh, how I do love Etsy! Do you have a favorite Etsy shop? Do tell!

Etsy shop: HAWKHOUSE
Price: $50
My birthstone is opal and I've been keeping an eye out for just the right piece of opal jewelry for a while. I don't ever wear rings besides my wedding and engagement rings, but these are pretty enough that I just might consider them! I love the rustic copper edging -- it perfectly sets off the beautiful opal! The shop offers a larger size too, but I'd most likely go with this smaller option.

Etsy shop: happyment
Price: $34
I already ordered one pair of earrings from this shop and I LOVE them. They're my new favorites and I've gotten compliments every time I've worn them. I will definitely be ordering more from happyment, and I've been eyeing this pretty mint-green pair.

Etsy shop: AbbeyPark
Price: $34.64+
I'm always looking to add more long necklaces to my jewelry collection. This one is stylish and classic -- and reasonably priced.

Etsy shop: Stampede1
Price: $12.50
This shop has lots of hand-stamped metal products -- bookmarks, magnets and picture clips. I'm not sure a bookmark is worth $12.50, but I like them nonetheless.

Etsy shop: HitherRabbit
Price: $38+ (depending on name length)
What a fun, funky pet portrait! I love the idea of framing it with an embroidery hoop.

Etsy shop: WonderFlies
Price: $4.50
Again, kinda pricey for a bookmark, but this shop has several options with wine and coffee stains. Possibly a DIY idea? (P.S. How could it possibly cost $2.50 to ship a paper bookmark?! Highway robbery, I say!)

Etsy shop: LaDaDesigns
Price: $50+
For the Harry Potter addict in your life! I doubt I would ever wear this enough to justify the price, but how cool is it?! This design features "Daily Prophet" clippings and the shop also has a Marauder's Map option.

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  1. Cool jewelry options there. Agree about the bookmarks though, pricey.


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