Friday, July 17, 2015

I Judge Books By Their Covers: "Delicious!"

Hello, my name is Lindsay, and I judge books by their covers.
Confession: I always judge books by their covers. A book's appearance -- from the artwork to the font to the colors to the texture to the weight and cut of the pages (I like the ragged-edged ones) -- is very important to me. And there are certain kinds of covers I like and certain ones I'd never pick up unless I was already planning to read the book. It's fascinating to see how covers change between editions -- hardcover and paperback, or U.S. and international -- and it's so fun to see who prefers what!

The cover on the right is hardcover, the left is paperback.

Here's my review of "Delicious!"

"Delicious!" was a fun, sorta-fluffy, glass-half-full type of book with tons and tons of food references, a charming old building, letters, a magazine and a cute dog. There's nothing wrong with either one of these covers, but somehow neither jumps out at me all that much. I definitely prefer the paperback cover, though; the red makes it a lot more eye-catching, and I like the old-fashioned envelope and the New York City walk-ups, both of which tie into the story. The bold colors and overall cheerful feel make the paperback more appealing to me. Which cover do you like better?

Winner: the paperback edition

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