Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Musings

expresso patronum

Highlight of the week: My "espresso patronum" Harry Potter shirt (complete with Grim) came in the mail from BookRiot! The store had a 30% off sale for the 4th of July, so I got a great deal. I've been lusting after this shirt for months and I was so excited when it arrived! I keep saying I want to get more book-themed shirts to wear to work at the library and this one is perfect.

I finally finished up "I, Ripper" on Friday, and thank god for that. I had such a high hopes for that book and it ended up being a real trudge to get through. Now I'm on to a NetGalley copy of Paula McLain's new book, due out later this month, "Circling the Sun." I really loved "The Paris Wife" and so far I'm enjoying this one.

Knitting: My Gryffindor scarf is finally nearing completion! And I'm super-excited to start my next project, an open-front striped cardigan. It's three colors, and I ordered beige, navy and coral yarn. I can't wait to get started... I just keep procrastinating knitting up a gauge swatch. (The pattern is Blue Sand Cardigan.)

Watching: The list of things on our DVR is never-ending! I've been trying to catch up on episodes of one of my guilty pleasures, the ABC Family show "Chasing Life."  As for movies, last week Jarrod and I watched "Chappie" (meh), "The Good Lie" (pretty good) and "Like Sunday, Like Rain" (also pretty good). We've decided it's time to start watching a new TV show on DVD and we're pondering over a few contenders. I'm thinking "Orphan Black." Any suggestions?

Listening to: I'm a bit tired of listening to the same ol', same ol', so I've been using the radio function on Spotify a lot lately. My favorite channels are Florida Georgia Line, Of Monsters and Men (we're going to see them in concert in September -- yay!) and Broken Bells.

Eating: I was craving s'mores, but it's been way too wet and rainy to use our fire pit (what is up with that, Mother Nature! Can I just get some damn sunshine, please?!) so we tried the oven-broiler method. Not campfire-quality, but not bad either.

Looking forward to: Dog-sitting my friend's Great Dane puppy the week after next! She brought Duke over to meet us last week and he was such an adorable, goofy and gigantic guy (he's 5 1/2 months and already weighs 80 pounds)! And my trip home to Colorado in less than two months. If this rainy, cool summer keeps up, I'll be majorly in need of some Rocky Mountain sun rays (if, that is, the mosquitoes haven't eaten me alive by then).

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