Thursday, January 21, 2016

2015 Travel Recap: Hawaii

One of my New Year's goals was to be better about posting travel photos on the blog. Last year Jarrod and I were lucky to take several adventures and I thought I'd get started on my resolution by making a short post about each one.

First up is our trip to Hawaii last March. Jarrod is in the Air Force and we lived in Hawaii for three years before Ohio, and we're about to move back for another three year assignment this spring. But long before we knew that, we went back for a 10-day vacation. Our first stop was Kauai, our favorite Hawaiian island, where we stayed at one of my favorite places on the planet -- the military cottages at Barking Sands. A whole 1.5-mile-long beach almost all to ourselves, stunning sunsets every night, and utter peace and quiet. Oh, and monk seals!

After a blissful, peaceful, relaxing few days in Kauai, we went to Oahu, the island where we lived and will live again, to eat at our favorite restaurants (we actually went to our favorite Thai place twice!), see a few friends who still lived there at the time (the joys of the military -- they've moved away and now we're heading back) and snorkel at Hanauma Bay.

Waipo'o Falls in Waimea Canyon.

kauai collage
Top row: the beach outside our hotel in Kapa'a where we stayed our first night; Kilauea Lighthouse; Barking Sands sunset
Second row: Barking Sands -- and Jarrod about to catch some waves
Third row: (a very rough and wet) Napali Coast sunset cruise -- humpback whales and dolphins
Fourth row: more sunset cruise -- totally soaked (that's what we get for taking a cruise during winter); the breathtaking Napali Coast; and Waimea Canyon, the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific"
Last row: Kauai's north shore -- Hanalei; beach stroll; chicken on the beach -- only in Kauai!
Not pictured: the hand-carved wooden tiki man we bought, our favorite Kauai restaurant, Island Tacos, all the humpback whales we saw (no camera handy for the mama and baby who put on a 10-minute show for us)

The Windward coast.

oahu collage
Top row: Laniakea Beach (aka Turtle Beach)
Second row: North Shore
Third row: snorkeling at Hanauma Bay
Fourth row: more snorkeling; the last fish is a Picasso triggerfish, my favorite
Last row: Hank's Haute Dogs (one of our favorite restaurants -- that's a sausage wrapped in bacon and fried, topped with mayo, lettuce and tomato, crispy fries with curry ketchup, and a pineapple ice); Diamond Head from Mount Tantalus; a farewell sunset
Not pictured: shave ice, malasadas, lounging on the beach with a book

Since we're moving back to Hawaii this May, you can expect about 70 gazillion more pictures like these. Next trip up: Gettysburg and New York City!


  1. I LOVE Hawaii! Great post! I've been to Maui twice and am going to the Big Island in April. It's so relaxing and wonderful there! I can't get enough! Also: If you haven't read it yet and are looking for books set in Hawaii: Moloka'i by Alan Brennert is fantastic!

    1. Lori, I HAVE read "Molokai." In fact, I read it when we were stationed in Hawaii last time and we actually went to Molokai and did the mule ride down to Kalaupapa! It was so cool to visit a place I'd read about. I still need to read "Honolulu" by Brennert -- have you read it?

    2. Awesome!! It's such an amazing book! I have read Honolulu--also amazing but I liked Moloka'i better!

  2. What beautiful photos! I lived in Kaneohe for three years as a child when my dad was stationed there. My husband and I went back to the islands a few years ago on vacation, and had a very nice time. I love the islands and would love to go back. I have a couple of friends who live on the Big Island. One I went to high school with. They love it there and can't imagine living anywhere else.

    1. Kaneohe is lovely! What islands did you visit when you were there on vacation? Kauai is our favorite -- so peaceful.

      I'm getting adjusted to the idea of going back... when it was time to move I wasn't ready to leave Hawaii, but after spending three years on the Mainland it's going to be a big change -- again! But I'm sure I'll be perfectly content once we get there and get settled in. (*Stares sadly at the humongous parking lot with 100 open spots. And Kohl's. And snow. And $1.52 gas.*)


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