Saturday, January 9, 2016

Is This... A Reading Slump?!


So it's Saturday, it's damp and cloudy outside, and -- for the first time in over two years -- I have a cold. Curling up with a big squishy blanket, a box of tissues, the cat, some tea and a really good book sounds like the perfect way to spend my day... except something strange has happened to me, friends.

Nothing sounds good.

Over the course of three days this week, I've started and put down three books. I considered starting a fourth last night, but I forced myself to read some more of "November 9" even though it's not really what I feel like reading. But the problem is, I don't know what on earth I do feel like reading!

I can't seem to get into anything. I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy all three books I started, but they aren't holding my attention just now. Putting one book aside with a mind to come back to it is one thing, but three?!

I've never really been a "mood reader." Sure, sometimes I'll get a craving for, say, a historical mystery and I'll make a note to read one soon, but it doesn't affect my enjoyment of my current read. So this whole "not being in the mood" thing is very unusual for me! Normally I'm a pretty happy, easy-to-please reader. But I fear that I may be starting 2016 off with a (*whispers*) reading slump -- a very scary affliction. Apparently a cold isn't the only thing wrong with me right now!

What would you do in my place? Pick up a fourth book, even though nothing is jumping out at me, in hopes that it'll finally be the one to suit my fancy? Push through "November 9" and hope I've got my reading mojo back by the end of it? Or (gasp) take a break from reading?


  1. When I find myself in a similar situation I generally will take a break from reading and do something else I enjoy doing, but maybe have ignored because I'd reather be reading. It often helps. Other times it may just be that I haven't found the right book to settle into. Maybe visit a familiar author or read a magazine or short story instead? Hopefully it will pass soon and won't turn into a full blown reading slumb.

    1. Wendy, I think I would have just taken a bit of a break from books, but I've come down with a nasty cold. The only other thing that sounded appealing was catching up on some shows, but the hubs was watching football. So I powered through one of the books I had started, and today I actually browsed my own bookshelves for something that piqued my interest. Hopefully I chose the right one that will captivate me, because that's what I need at the moment!

  2. This too shall pass, eventually.


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