Tuesday, June 28, 2016

25 Bookish Art Prints to Add to Your Wishlist

I have conquered the dreaded Top Ten Tuesday "freebie" with this super-fun (at least, it was fun to put together!) compilation of gorgeous bookish art prints from Etsy and Society 6! Forget 10; books and art are two of my favorite things and there was no way this list was going to be that small. Hope this lovely list brings a smile to your day! :)

Etsy shop: thewheatfield
I already own two prints from this shop and I would love more! Katie Daisy's artwork is just gorgeous.

Etsy shop: FlourishCafe
I own this print and one other from this shop and they're so pretty in person!

Etsy shop: OohPrint
This is my favorite Harry Potter quote and this print just looks so magical!

Etsy shop: flapperdoodle
Flapperdoodle is such a fun shop! I have some awesome notecards from there (a wonderful gift from my BFF)!

Etsy shop: TheFoxandTheTeacup
Oh, The Fox and The Teacup. I want everything in this entire shop (and her Society 6 store). Last year I bought a packet of stickers featuring woodland critters reading, but I really want an art print, or one of the tote bags in her other shop. I love all her artwork, even the non-reading-themed stuff!

Etsy shop: bluedogrose
I own this cozy print too! It was a much-appreciated birthday present last year.

Society 6 shop: PaperFury

Etsy shop: TheRootedPair
"Words, in my not-so-humble-opinion, are our most inexhaustible source of magic."
-- Albus Dumbledore

Etsy shop: FolioCreations
This shop has tons of different card catalog prints like this!

Etsy shop: BluePoppyGallery
It's a bit hard to see, but the map is made up of titles of books set in each state. What a clever idea!

Society 6 shop: PaperFury
I tried to limit myself to just one print from each shop, but PaperFury has the most gorgeous stuff and it's exactly my style! I couldn't resist adding another to the list.

Etsy shop: OldStyleDesign
I love this L.M. Montgomery quote, though it was remarkably hard to find it in artwork form. The entire thing goes: "I am simply a book drunkard. Books have the same irresistible temptation for me that liquor has for its devotee. I cannot withstand them."

Etsy shop: BrightSpotPapier
This print is so gorgeous! I love that quote, I love Earl Grey tea, and I love those decorative book spines. This may be my next bookish art purchase.

Etsy shop: AddisonandLake

Etsy shop: SweetDailiness

Etsy shop: happylandings
I love dogs and I love books, and this is my all-time favorite book-related quote. I even own a t-shirt emblazoned with this Groucho Marx saying, a souvenir from the New York Public Library!

Hermione has infinite wisdom! This was another awesome and well-known quote that was surprisingly hard to find in art print form. Maybe I need to start my own Etsy shop!?

Etsy shop: PemberlyPond
This shop has all kinds of fun prints in this style; lots of Jane Austen, as you can guess from the shop name, but I thought I already gave Jane enough love in this post.

Etsy shop: FromHannahsHand

Society 6 shop: Frying Sausage

Society 6 shop: Evie Seo

Society 6 shop: Abbie Imagine

Etsy shop: BokaPrint
This fun print is totally customizable. You can pick the color, title, author and publication date, and there are four penguin images to choose from. (If you need a bookish wedding gift, there's even a bride and groom penguin option!)


  1. What an awesome topic - I dread the freebie weeks too usually. I LOVE the What Would Hermione Do? one and I simply must get the dog one. Now on to check out some of these shops!

  2. Absolutely beautiful post! Love them all, especially the old library card from Beatrix Potter. Well done!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful! I love art, love to look at pretty things, go to museums and could look at these items all day long! I like the saying, When in Doubt, Go to the Library, and a pretty one is the first one from the Wheatfield.

    Thanks for sharing your art-envy today.

  4. These are great! I love Etsy. I'm not familiar with Society 6. I don't blame you for going overboard.

  5. Well this is a dangerous blog post... ;)

  6. So many good prints... I need to pinterest your whole blog. :-)

    My Top Ten Tues post: http://books.thetechchef.net/top-ten-tuesday-5/


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