Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Yarn Along: "Written in Red" and Cap Sleeve Lattice Top

Yarn Along is a wonderful weekly feature hosted by Ginny at the Small Things blog about two of the best things in life: books and knitting.

yarn along 062816

Reading: I'm about a third of the way through "Written in Red" by Anne Bishop and I'm totally loving it! I don't think I ever would have picked up this urban fantasy novel on my own -- the first in The Others series -- but I'd seen it recommended by several bloggers and it has a great Goodreads rating. I was craving some fantasy escapism, so I grabbed it when I went to sign up for my Hawaii library card last week. It's set in an alternate modern-day when the Others -- supernatural beings like shapeshifters and vampires -- rule the world and humans tentatively co-exist with them.

Knitting: I feel like I'm finally making visible progress on my Cap Sleeve Lattice Top! It's folded in half so you can see where the neck and arm holes are going to be, and I just have that big ol' stockinette portion and the bottom ribbing to finish, which will be a breeze. Then it'll be time to learn the mattress stitch for sewing up the sides (something I've put off for years!).


  1. I love your knitting. I wish I could do it, but I really don't need one more hobby right now. The Others books are all great and you are lucky, if you love this one, you will have the next 2 available without wait. I'm all caught up and am now stuck waiting for the last one to come out in March 2017.

  2. The top is looking really nice! Mattress stitch is annoying, but not difficult, especially if your sweater is in stockinette. Just find something good to watch or listen to while doing it.

  3. I am so glad you are enjoying Written in Red. It really is top notch in the fantasy department. :-)


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