Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Wonderful Worlds to Explore: Great Reads Set Outside the U.S.

One of the very best things about reading is getting to travel through time and all over the world without ever leaving the comfort of your sofa/bed/beach chair/hammock. Reading has introduced me to so many different cultures and even the fluffiest historical fiction novel has something to teach me about the past. One of my favorite little sayings is "books are full of wonderful worlds to explore," and that fits just perfectly with this week's Top Ten Tuesday topic, books set outside the U.S.

It's no big secret that I'm a bit of an Anglophile, but I do admit I was a little surprised browsing through my past reads to put this post together: England is rapidly gaining on America when it comes to my most-read book settings. That's 100% fine with me, but I am looking forward to browsing some other blogger's lists and broadening my horizons a bit -- or maybe just discovering some more fantastic books set in England!

What's your favorite non-U.S. book setting?

Books Set in England:
england collage
Just a small sampling of some wonderful books set in England!

Books Set All Over the World:
(locations below)
international collage
Row 1: Afghanistan // Africa // Africa // Australia
Row 2: Australia // France // France // France
Row 3: France // Germany // Guernsey // Iraq
Row 4: Ireland // Ireland // New Guinea // Norway
Row 5: Quebec // Scotland // Scotland // Sweden

Books on My To-Read List:
(locations below)
international collage 2
Row 1: Africa // Antarctica // Antarctica // Australia
Row 2: Australia // Canada // Croatia // Egypt
Row 3: France // Galapagos Islands // Haiti // Iraq
Row 4: Mexico // North Korea // Pakistan // Peru
Row 5: Peru // Russia // Scotland // Sweden


  1. Yeah I read a lot of books set in England too. We definitely share some and I see a bunch I could have added to mine that I forgot!! Great list!

  2. I also gravitate towards books set in England! We have a lot of shared titles this week. Nice list!

  3. England was really popular for me too but I managed to dig back and find some not-so-well-visited places like Hungary and Sweden. You've helped me discover some great books!

  4. I'm crazy about books set outside the US. My most common setting in books I've read set outside the US is probably France. And, of course, that's what I listed this week.


  5. I've been wanting to read Alison Weir and Tana French, and I'm a fan of the Tasha Alexander books. I especially liked And Only To Deceive. And I thought Letters from Skye was quite good.

  6. So many books, and other than Harry Potter, I haven't read any of them! Jane Steele is on my wishlist though! And The Fair Fight definitely looks like something I need to check out :)

    I haven't read any of these, but there are a couple on my wishlist! Great list :)

    My TTT.

  7. Oh my goodness-- so many new to me titles to check out. Thanks so much for compiling this! I love to read outside the U.S., particularly England, Ireland, Australia and the Scandinavian region. I'm off to look further at some of these :)

  8. I haven't read many of these at all, the only ones I've read are Harry Potter and The Book Thief, which coincidentally were both on my list this week.
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2016/07/19/top-ten-tuesday-66/

  9. Wow, thanks for sharing so many books! I haven't heard of a lot of these, so I will definitely be checking them out! Great Top Ten! :D
    My Top Ten Tuesday!

  10. You went way beyond 10! I've read and enjoyed several of these. Poisonwood Bible, Bridget Jones, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (despite the sloooow opening), Harry Potter, and Longbourne (starts great but ends up dissing Lizzie Bennett's family).
    My TTT.

  11. I read The Beekeeper's Apprentice in college and enjoyed it; I didn't think to add it to my list! My husband has read all the books in the series save the latest one, but I haven't continued yet.


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