Friday, August 12, 2016

I Judge Books By Their Covers: "Black Rabbit Hall"

I'm Lindsay, I'm a bookaholic, and I absolutely judge books by their covers.

Today we're comparing covers for "Black Rabbit Hall," a dual narrative told by two women separated by 50 years but linked by a now-crumbling English manor house. It's an intriguing novel of secrets, tragedy and long-buried family drama. Here's my review; I gave it 3.5 stars. Which cover do you prefer?

U.S. hardcover // U.K. hardcover

U.K. paperback // Australian paperback

Oh goodness, this is a toughie. I like all of these covers -- what a rarity! The gloomier, more foreboding U.S. and Australian covers fit the story better, and I loooove the little cock-eared rabbit silhouette in the Australian cover. But the two U.K. covers are just so damn pretty!

My winner: Ugh, this is so hard! I'm going with the Australian cover by a "hare"! (Hehe.)


  1. I love the US cover because the ironwork gate is just so evocative. I haven't read the book, but I would read the blurb based on the cover alone.

  2. These are all beautiful book covers! I haven't read the book myself, so I wouldn't know which cover pertains best to the content, but my favourite is definitely the UK hardcover edition. The Australian edition you chose feels very ominous!


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