Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Dear Santa: Please Bring Me These Bookish Gifts!

Dearest Santa,

I've been an awfully good bookworm this year and I'm looking forward to lots of fun presents under the tree. For your gifting ease, I've compiled a helpful list! Give Rudolph my love.

Festively yours,

"Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them" t-shirt
(from Out of Print Clothing)
I love me a good bookish t-shirt, and I like the punny play on "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them."

Newt Scamander and niffler Funko Pops
There are a few versions of Newt, but the only one I want is the Newt with the Hufflepuff scarf and suitcase -- and apparently this version is sold out everywhere! Why on earth don't the Funko people just make more already?!?! Luckily, Santa, you don't need the Funko people -- you've got elves and magic!

Pride and Peppermint tea and tin
(from Novel Tea Tins)
Santa, have you heard of this fun new company that combines two of life's best things: books and tea?!

(from Rifle Paper Co.)
I've been wanting a nice journal for writing down quotes I like from books, favorite words, and running lists of the books I read and their ratings. I've been lustfully eyeing other people's gorgeous stuff from Rifle Paper Co. forever, so Santa, please step in and just get me something. And, hey, maybe throw in some notecards and stationery too...

Any and all book-themed candles
This one is from NorthAveCandles on Etsy and is made up of Hermione's three amortentia scents: freshly mown grass, new parchment and spearmint toothpaste. Candles inspired by books are another thing I've been ogling forever but haven't taken the plunge on yet. And there are a gazillion different ones to choose from, so Santa, just bring me a wide variety, ok? I'll take some 221-B Baker Street and some Pemberley and some butterbeer and some hobbit garden; just chuck it all in there. And some bookish wax for my Scentsy would be cool too.

Bookish socks
Santa, whatever you designs you select will surely be wonderful -- it's hard to go wrong with book-themed socks -- but I'd happily take these Sherlock Holmes socks and these Jane Austen socks, which say, "I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading." I actually bought the Austen socks for my Broke and Bookish Secret Santa partner (but not for myself -- dumb!).

"Never a Quiet Year at Hogwarts"
(from Society 6)
I love this magical Hogwarts picture! I'm not sure if I'd rather have the print or the notecards, which I could send to my fellow Harry Potter- and letter-loving friends...

An all-expenses-paid trip to the U.K. and a stay in an English country cottage...
...preferably stone, must have a garden. In Cornwall, if possible, and within walking distance of the sea. Please and thank you. (This may or may not be Kate Winslet's cottage in "The Holiday.") (This is indeed book-related; I've read so many books set in the English countryside that I am dying to go there!) Of course, while I'm in England I'm going to need to visit all the other bookish spots, like the Harry Potter film studio, Platform 9 3/4, the Bodelian Library, Jane Austen's house, up to Scotland to see the scenery from "Outlander," you get the idea, Santa. Let's make it a two-week trip; you fill in the itinerary for me!

(I'm linking up with The Broke and the Bookish blog to share my Christmas wishlist. Head over to see what other bookworms want for Christmas!)


  1. That journal is so pretty!!! That last one though - that sounds incredible!!

  2. I put books on my list, but I could just copy and paste your entire list to my Dear Santa letter, because it all looks perfect!

  3. I love the shirt - I'm obsessed with tentacles. I've not seen Fantastic Beasts yet but OMG I need a niffler. Plus that trip sounds awesome. You were so kind to Rudolph I bet Santa brings you lots of bookish stuff!

  4. I love your list! I would definitely take all the things on it. Especially that UK stay. ;) I hope Santa brings you lots of goodies!

    Happy holidays!
    My Top Ten

  5. I love that shirt and I love Out of Print! The tea looks amazing and I'm not sure there's a more perfect combination than tea and books. And that candle! I think this sounds like a pretty perfect list of gifts for under the tree!

  6. Love that t-shirt! And the socks! I want those socks too! What a great list, Lindsay! I hope you get some of those, if not all, under the tree this year. Or at least reservations and tickets to that cottage. :-) Have a great holiday!

  7. The Book-themed Candle idea is certainly one I've never heard of! I don't know if I'd buy that scent, but still!

  8. That Hogwarts print is gorgeous! You've put so many lovely things on this list :)


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