Friday, December 30, 2016

I Judge Books By Their Covers: "I'll Give You the Sun"

 Hello, my name is Lindsay, and I judge books by their covers.
Confession: I always judge books by their covers. A book's appearance -- from the artwork to the font to the colors to the texture to the weight and cut of the pages (I like the ragged-edged ones) -- is very important to me. And there are certain kinds of covers I like and certain ones I'd never pick up unless I was already planning to read the book. It's fascinating to see how covers change between editions -- hardcover and paperback, or U.S. and international -- and it's so fun to see who prefers what!

hardcover // paperback

Earlier in the week I posted a list of my favorite books I read in 2016, and it seemed like an appropriate time to talk about a book that was on my best-of in 2015, "I'll Give You the Sun" by Jandy Nelson. It's one of the rare young adult books I've loved -- and possibly the only one I didn't find any faults with.

This cover battle is easy-peasy! I'm a huge fan of bright, cheerful, eye-grabbing color on book covers, in my wardrobe and in my home decor. I hands-down choose the hardback cover. But I should note that I have absolutely nothing against the paperback cover -- I love all the fonts and the dark yellow color. It's bold and artistic and, in fact, I like the cursive font (and the heart-dotted i) better! But I just can't say no to all that gorgeous color, which even fits well with the story. Which cover do you like better?

My winner: hardcover


  1. I love the hardcover! It's really a prefect cover design, in my opinion. I also love the other paperback design with the quote on the cover.

    1. They're both gorgeous! I'm just a total sucker for bright splashes of color.

  2. What made me read this book was when a coworker held up a copy of the hardcover and said "This is how this book made me feel." The paperback is perfectly adequate, but the bright rays of joy that fill the hardcover, well, it's a perfect expression of what's inside.

  3. Thanks to this post I got to know the yellow cover and therefore recognized the book immediately in a Kindle Deal list. Now I am really curious to start reading!


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