Monday, May 29, 2017

Monday Musings


My week: My week was ok. I stayed home from work on Monday because Alohi had diarrhea and I just couldn't bear to put her in her crate knowing she'd be sitting in her mess for over six hours, then Tuesday and Wednesday I had all-day training for work. Thursday and Friday I spent the workday getting my big volcano wall display ready to put up later this week before the summer reading kickoff (it's a STEM theme this year, and the volcano ties into both science and Hawaii).

Reading: I actually had a fairly productive reading week. I finished "American War," read the non-fiction book "The Stranger in the Woods" and Paula Hawkins' new much-anticipated new release "Into the Water," then started "A Twist in Time," the second book in a historical mystery/time travel series.

"American War" and "The Stranger" were 4 star reads, and I'm still deciding whether to give "Into the Water" 3.5 or 4 stars. After seeing so many mediocre 3-star ratings, I was worried I'd hate it -- I assumed it would fall into that formulaic psychological thriller category -- but I was actually pleasantly surprised to find it was much more of a straight mystery than a thriller.

Knitting: I whipped up a hat for a going-away present for a friend who's (sniff, sniff) moving away. It's the Slouchy Copy Cat Hat pattern, and I used Malabrigo in the hollyhock colorway.


Watching: After checking it out three separate times from work, I finally watched "The Light Between Oceans," and I was kinda disappointed. I remember loving the book, but the movie was a bit of a snoozefest. On a more positive note, we watched "Hidden Figures" and I loved it! I kept getting indignant on behalf of the ladies (out loud! -- poor Jarrod!) but it was such an inspirational, well-done movie.

Also, Jarrod went on a deep-sea fishing trip on Saturday morning, so I turned Harry Potter Weekend on and Alohi and I tuned in throughout the day. Some of the scenes got me brainstorming how I could do up the big display wall for Halloween at work. I even looked up a DIY for making giant pumpkins like the ones around Hagrid's hut in "Azkaban."

Monday Musings
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Looking forward to: My day off today! Jarrod is at work, but I'm still looking forward to getting some stuff done around the house, reading and taking it easy!

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  1. Glad your pup is feeling better and that you enjoyed American War. I thought it was such a unique, intense story. Have a great day off!

  2. I might have to check out Twist in Time. I've been drawn to historical time traveling lately. See what I've read, am reading and will read

  3. I still need to see Hidden Figures! I've heard good things about it!

    Thankful for your husband's service; happy Memorial Day!

  4. I haven't seen Hidden Figures yet. I bought the book and want to read it before seeing the film. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  5. I've yet to see Light, and now that I hear it doesn't live up to the book (as usual, I think, for most movies-from-books) I may pass.

  6. Oh, poor sick puppy! Hope she's feeling better!!

  7. I found The Light Between Oceans as a book to be a snooze fest. I'll skip the film.

    I'm getting ready for Armchair BEA this week. Come see what I'm reading.

  8. Loved Hidden Fgures too. Agree with you about The Light between Oceans. Busy week!

  9. Alohi has a similar back-of-neck splotch as Petri :) Hope she's feeling better!


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