Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Holiday Q & A

Well, who am I to resist a Christmas Q&A?! I spotted this one at Rebel Mommy Book Blog (see her post here).

1. Real or fake tree: I really don't care, but my husband insists on a real tree. And since we're getting a real tree, I insist on selecting and cutting down the perfect tree rather than getting a pre-cut one from the store. In Hawaii we go to a Norfolk pine tree farm; they look kind of Dr. Seuss-ish, but that's your only choice of fresh-cut Christmas tree in Hawaii.

This year's tree, complete with puppy.

2. Favorite Christmas cookie: I pretty much like any and all cookies, except sugar cookies. They're fun to decorate but not my favorite to eat (though, really, I'm not going to turn down a cookie if one's offered to me)!

3. Home or travel on Christmas: Depends on where in the world we're living! Here in Hawaii we stay home (and this year my husband will actually be working on Christmas), but when we're stationed on the Mainland we try to spend holidays with family.

4. Clear or colored lights: Colored on the tree, both outside.

5. Christmas cards?: Yes, yes, yes! I'm a snail mail fanatic. I've been sending Christmas cards since I was in elementary school!

6. Favorite present given: ...crickets. I have the worst memory and I have no recollection of what I gave for which occasion -- or even really what I've given. Let's just say I buy a lot of cool presents from Etsy!

7. Favorite present received: Probably the pogo stick Santa brought when I was in elementary school, or the reindeer bell he left me in my stocking one year (I still have it in my stocking today!).

8. Stockings?: Yes! I have a stocking that my mom embroidered for me when I was a baby, and I made a similar one for Jarrod after we got married. The pets even have stockings!

9. Christmas PJs?: Nope, that's never been a thing in my family. Maybe we'll make it one if we ever have kids.

10. Favorite Christmas carol: Carol of the Bells.

11. Favorite holiday tradition: Driving around looking at Christmas lights (nowadays, with a peppermint mocha in hand) and Christmas music playing on the radio.

12. Early or last-minute shopper: Early, typically. A bit last-minute this year.

13. Favorite Christmas movie or show: The Holiday and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. And of course I soak up a bunch of Hallmark Christmas movies each year.

14. Favorite holiday beverage: Anything peppermint -- peppermint mocha, peppermint chip shake, peppermint cocoa.

15. Cookies and milk for Santa?: Of course! Growing up we always left carrots for the reindeer too.


  1. Love your tree (and pup)!!! We have a stocking for our dog too. I love snail mail and cards. I am so disappointed that we haven't gotten as many this year. Have a lovely Christmas!!

  2. What an adorable pic of the tree and Alohi. We do an artificial tree because I can't stand finding pine needles in July. We have stockings for the pups and 3 for the ones who have passed. They are some of my favorite items. I hope to snap some pics for my blog tonight and get a post up of my favorite Christmas things.

  3. Thanks for the picture of the tree, how different is that, I would have never guessed. I love anything mint to drink during the holidays also, peppermint lattes are my favourite.

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